Sommariva Tradizione Agricola - History

The Sommariva family moves from Genoa to establish the Sommariva Farm on Albenga’s plain.

SOmmariva's farm, due to the Second World War bombings, had lots of damages in their fileds . In this year the family start to rebuild eveything again..

The first greenhouse in iron and glass is built on Albenga’s plain, in Morella region, by Salimbeni Construction Company.

Nino Sommariva taked control of the farm, which was lead by uncle Checchin Navone until then. 

The company decides to invest in organic production. Nino Sommariva established the association "Suolo e Salute", with Prof. Garofalo and prof. Pecchiai.

Beginning of enlargement works for the company in Signola area- Campochiesa di Albenga

Beginning of works to get the new production lab and to build the shipping office in Albenga

Investment in production to obtain a high quality product with less environmental impact with the purchase of the Alfa Oliver 500 machinery.

Opening of "Museo Sommariva Civiltà dell'Olivo"- A museum dedicated to the history of olive and olive oil – a space for exhibitions and conferences.

ANNIVERSARIO: 100 anni di attività!