The museum

The Sommariva Museum, held in the highest esteem by the Family, is dedicated to the “Civilta dell’Olio”. In the museum, everyone can see and touch the history of one of the oldest and most important jobs of our region.

The Sommariva “Civiltà dell’Olivo” Museum was inaugurated on 3 April 2011 after two years of hard and intense work. The 200 metre squared space where the first museum site was held (the one that overlooked Via Mameli along the old western remains of the walls of Albingaunum) has now been enlargened to 400 square metres thanks to an underground tunnel that links the two historical buildings.

In the new Museum, in addition to the history of olive oil, there is also plenty of contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures and photography.
he ancient Sommariva oil mill plays an important role in the promotion of cultural and artistic events in the Albenga area, hosting artists and writers in the “La Civiltà dell’Olivo” museum.