The Organic turning point

Domenico Sommariva was the creator of theorganic experience” for the Sommariva company.
He has been a pioneer in this field in Italy. His goal was to give his products an additional feature that could set them apart from their competitors and he identified this feature in organic certification.

In 1972 Domenico was one of the first farmers to associate his company with “Suolo e Salute”, the first institution and certifying body in the organic sector in Italy and, with his agreement, the fields at the Sommariva farm were used as a testing ground for what at the time were new organic technologies.

Nowadays the company boasts more than 40 years of experience in the field of organic agriculture, with full respect towards organic laws and absolute control on products, ingredients and the manufacturing process.

The organic sector is one of the principal missions for the Sommariva family, and their commitment is seen in all of the delicious and healthy products the company offers.