The ancient oil mill within the walls

For over a hundred years the ancient Sommariva oil mill, located within Albenga’s medieval walls,
has been the place where the Sommariva Family produces the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, known as “
mosto”, and also sells all kinds of specialities from Ligurian cuisine, which are created with full respect towards artisanal production without using any additives or preservatives.

The reason for the Sommariva mill being one of the most impressive in Liguria is due to its location within the medieval walls of the town, which in turn are founded on two boundary walls of Roman origin. Within its vaulted stone roofed rooms, immersed in the unmistakable scent of olives and olive oil, is housed a collection of a large number of interesting tools, machines, pictures and objects from historic olive oil production. These are all the objects collected over the years by Domenico (Nino) Sommariva, and are a demonstration of his expertise and unrivalled passion.

The olive oil production obviously had to be updated to meet a series of EEC directives demanding machinery in accordance with new laws. The old machinery is on exhibit, while newer technology and a qualified staff are now the key figures of the olive oil production process.