The farm

The Sommariva’s farm is still the same one that was established in 1915 by Domenico Sommariva. It has been improved and extended throughout the years, but its roots are the same, planted by Domenico and his parents, who had moved from Genova to Albenga to bring their dream to life.

Huge restructuring works began in 1978 and were carried out for over 10 years by Domenico and then afterwards by his son Agostino, who became responsible for the whole operation.

The farm has ancient origins that go back to the start of the 1900s when Domenico’s parents moved from their birthplace in the region of Genoa.
Today the whole complex extends over a surface of about 115,000 square metres. The vineyards occupy around six hectares, where grapes are grown for the production of the Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese wines sold by Sommariva. Around 45,000 square metres are occupied by olive groves while the remaining 5,000 square metres are occupied by greenhouses, where the main crops being cultivated are basil, wall rocket, dill, tomatoes and artichokes. All fields are cultivated in accordance with ‘organic’ farming procedures: using only manure and olive residue (the so called ‘sansa’) as fertilizer.

The farm has always been a very close collaborator (since 1978) of the ‘Suolo e Salute’ association of Turin , the very first institution for study and control in the organic sector, of whom Domenico has been a great supporter since the very beginning.
The sensitivity towards ecological issues pushed the company in 2004 to make an investment which could allow the realization of a high quality product with low environmental impact. For this reason tSommariva decided to buy the Alfa Oliver 500,a machinery allowed the installation of a modular system of oil extraction, greatly appreciated among experts, and resulting in a product of excellence.

The commitment to environmental safeguards and organic farming resulted in the Sommariva farm being one of the first Italian companies to be awarded the ‘Carbon Trust Standard’ certification.